Fashion designer Vanessa Henderson of Van Miller International, is known for her timeless designs, sophisticated knot dresses and couture aesthetic.

Vanessa was raised by a single mom and is the oldest of six siblings. Taught to sew by her mother, Vanessa learned how to sew everything by hand. Married at seventeen years old she became a stay at home mother and began sewing for neighbors and friends for extra income. Once news spread throughout the small rural community, orders became overwhelming. Vanessa continued to perfect her craft and decided to accept a job at a local fabric store as an Assistant Manager. Shortly after accepting the position, Vanessa was presented with the opportunity to teach sewing at the local community college.

Designing has always been her life’s passion. The thrill of educating students to pursue a career in fashion inspired her to continue to forge ahead, and that’s when she opened the doors to Vanessa’s Bridal Image. Vanessa designed custom wedding gowns for the everyday bride. She quickly gained recognition for her cutting edge bridal looks in shades of every color. In 2001, Vanessa made the hard decision of leaving her roots behind and headed to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue her degree in Fashion Design from Bauder College. After graduating at the top of her class in 2003, Vanessa started Van Miller International and is now taking the fashion industry by storm with her trendsetting designs, couture opulence and comfortable yet edgy ready to wear ensembles. Featured in numerous publications, blogs, fashion shows and special events, Van Miller International is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

“Whether we have the means or not, we all, to some greater or lesser degree have an idea or a dream that we were created to achieve.”
~Vanessa Henderson – Lady of the House”